since 1994

Or PB from another universe?


Or PB from another universe?

I look like a hobo when I’m at my mom’s house, but who cares people don’t even know my name around here

A poster I designed for the Best Buddy Project (which basically hooks up kids and kids with down syndrome to do cool stuff together) and World Down Syndrome day.

Pinterest, the visual disco
I love the way chrome cuts of titles

Can’t think of a witty caption. I just want summer. Right. Now.

Acrylics on paper

A school assignment which will actually be broadcasted on the dutch television quiz ‘2 voor 12’

(I’m not even sure if I’m aloud to upload this yet, but I’m feeling slightly rebellious today)

(Source: vimeo.com)

aaaand a ‘still’ from a schoolproject
Spent all my money on paint markers today.
Our student-home-kitchen could use some decoration.. time to buy loads of acrylic!
Photoshop and surfing - I pretty much suck at both.

My first year animation at the HKU

(Source: vimeo.com)

recent studies have shown that listening to bombay bicycle club increases my productivity with 5000%